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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Back Away From the Wicker!!!

I talked Tessie into a day off.  After all, it is Easter!

She was reluctant, but I whined until she let me off for the day.

April and Amare are both down with a stomach bug, so we aren't doing anything special.

I talked Tessie into repotting plants again today... I am thinking that I have way to many plants if it takes me many days to get them all repotted.

The one that you see to the left, that Tessie is stomping around in, was a hanging planter full of succulents from Walmart.  It was a good buy. I paid about 15.00 for it. If I had bought the plants separately, it would have cost more like $40.00.  There were a lot of plants in there! It has outgrown it's pot in just a couple of months!

This is a euphorbia that I bought a year ago.  I am just throwing it in for comparison...

The one on the right is about the size that the one in the next photo when I purchased it.  That was not too long after we moved into this house...

Here it is today! Almost 20 years later and it is now very close to being the same height as I am!  That's if you include the pot.

Tessie likes this one because she can see all over the yard from that perch. It's like standing on my shoulders...
The Mother of millions that I purchased last year is about to start being a mom again.  Right in front of Tessie's nose there are five plants about to drop off.

If you look at the very top leaves, each one of those little notches in the leaves is another plant just starting to grow. 

They call this one "Mexican Hat".  I am not sure just why.  It doesn't resemble a hat and I don't think that it comes from Mexico... I am going to have to go do some research when I am done here.  I am curious about how it got the name.

Anyway, that's how we are spending Easter.

I am going back to dig in the dirt some more, now.

See you tomorrow.

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Юлия said...

Hello, Casey! Happy easter! You have a wonderful collection of plants. Relaxing from the minis is sometimes very useful. Hugs, Julia