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Monday, April 17, 2017

A Case of Get Them While You Can!

Jeannie and I went back to the bead store that is closing. Their last day will be Saturday.

We figured that it would be better to go now than on the last couple of days.

We were right!

I bought some more hex beads and three cuts.  They are what we used before Delicas came along.  The last time they were a dollar a tube and I loaded up.

This time, they were buy ten and get ten free.  How could anybody pass that up?

When I got home, I started playing with them.

There are a lot of other things to play with, but I wanted to use some of these.  They were some of the first beads that I bought when I started doing peyote stitch. 

They are a bit more organic than the Delicas that we use these days... That is they are a bit more irregular. Fun to work with. They are small enough that Tessie will get some new purses and jewelry made from them...

See this pile that Tessie is drowning in? 

When I had paid for my haul of over a hundred dollars worth of beads for fifty dollars, the owner of the store said, "There is one more thing that you have to do before you leave the store..."

That was a little scary, but then he said, You have to take five of the one dollar bags and ten of the dollar strands of beads and put them in with your other stuff.... For free! Jeannie and I headed for that table and both of us got at least 40 or 50 dollars more beads.  The original labels were on some of them and the ones that we got ten of were five dollars and up, up, up. Most of the ones that I picked out were $6.80 a strand.  Not a bad haul for a couple of hours of shopping. 

And the good news was, he is going to be living here six months of the year and wants to open another store on the east side(our side of town).  If he does, I will be standing on the sidewalk waiting for him to open the doors on the first day.

Jeannie and I are both on his mailing list. We will know if he does it.

Anyway, I guess I should go untangle Tessie and get back to the hex beads.

See you tomorrow.

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mcddiss said...

pues si que te ha salido rentable que cierren la tienda, ahora tienes cuentas para una buena temporada , seguro que haras verdaderas maravillas con ellas