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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rich and Happy!

I am not rich, but I am happy.  I finished my watchband and it came out just right.

I just started doing peyote stitch around the bars on the end and kept going until both sides were long enough to fit my wrist.
I did put a diagonal row of gold every three rows.  I deliberately didn't make all of the lines complete and varied the colors of the beads at random.  It worked.
I was in Ace Hardware this morning and found these little wooden thingies.  The middle one is a cup hook for shelves etc.  I am not sure what the other two are supposed to be, but they look like something to make hat stand from.  Some of the Wednesday Witches are doing hat shops and these could be useful, maybe.  I will take them to the meeting tomorrow and see if anybody is interested in making their own hat stand.

Now about the rich part of our program... Tessie found some sheets of gold sticky paper that I bought a long time ago at a scrapbook store... I was thinking at the time that they would make nice trim for furniture pieces... bought several different types.

Tessie took one look and thought Jewelry!!! I think that the paper is loosing it's sticky, but a little white glue might do the trick. 

She is babbling to herself about being very rich.  I am not going to burst her bubble.  She has a piece stuck around her neck and two pieces on her wrist for bracelets.  I do think that this stuff has possibilities. 

The next time you see Tessie, she may be covered from head to toe in gold paper... At least it keeps her amused and out of trouble. 

I just heard her yell loudly, "TIARA"... Yup.  She needs one of those.

I did hear her trying to talk Zar into a watch chain.  He just keeps looking at her sideways and shaking his head...

I am staying out of it. 

Let her use all the sticky gold stuff that she wants.  Sooner or later she will wrap herself in it and not be able to get out... Yeah!  I like that idea.

I am going  back to work now.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

esas piezas de madera tienen unas cuantas posiblidades ,la correa del relog te ha quedado muy bien y es muy original, me gustaria ver a Tessy toda envuelta en papel de oro, jajjajaj



anisnofla said...

Muy bonita la correa del reloj.
Me divierto mucho con Tessi.

Giac said...

Hello Cadey,
The watch is wonderful. What a fun and elegant bracelet. Well done!
I hope you will share a picture of Tessie when she gets all wrapped up ;)
Big hug