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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Very Unhappy Tessie!

 This was Tessie after everyone left and Walter came home and ate the last piece of pie... Apple is her favorite... Fake Apple is even better.

She loves recipes that are magical and this one is the best!

It really does taste like apples! Years ago I made one and one of the people that had a piece of it swore that he found an apple seed in it.  I suspect that I accidentally dropped one of the lemon seeds in the syrup. 
I have had this recipe for about 40 years.  I cut it off of a Ritz Cracker box way back when... I hadn't made it for a long time.

If you have trouble reading the recipe, click on the photo to make it larger.

Today I made one for the witches.  I cheated and "made" the crust from the dairy case at Walmart.  One of their own ready to use pie crusts and everyone raved about the flaky crust.
I promised you the directions for the jewelry.  That will have to wait until tomorrow. 

The witches and Walter ate every bit of the pie and we never did get to the jewelry.  I had a pile of books to get rid of and the gang got to looking at those and we never did get to the jewelry making section of the day. There's always next week.

Now go make yourself a pie. You will love it!

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

lo importante es que les haya gustado y no hayan dejado sobras



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Thank you for the recipe...I will have to try that one out!
Big hug