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Thursday, March 16, 2017

As Promised... Earrings and Necklace...

First the necklace. You will be using #15 beads and #32 or 34 beading wire.  It comes on a small spool and is very cheap at the craft stores.  Sometimes it is sold in the floral department and sometimes in the jewelry department.  It just depends which store you go to. I imagine that you could also order it on line.

Anyway, the first step is to cut a piece of wire about five inches long.  This wire is easily cut with scissors. No special tools needed for that.

You will probably need a pair of needle nosed pliers or fine tweezers to bend the hooks and loops on the ends.

Now down to business.  First string five beads on the wire and put the two ends together to get them in the exact middle. Twist the two wires together once just above the loop and put one more bead on. go through that bead with both wires.

Then slip a bead over the wires to cover the twist.

 Now thread on an equal number of beads on each side. When you are satisfied that it is long enough make the clasp...

On the first side slide the end of your wire back into the first bead. Twist it around the wire between the first and second bead and cut it off.
Then on the other end, slide the wire in and leave a tail of about 1/8" long. Twist and bend it into a hook.

For the earrings, simply cut about two inches of the wire to start.  You need that much, so that you will have something to hang onto.

Put five beads on the wire and wrap one wire around the other one and cut off. With the help of your tweezers, bend the remaining wire into a hook.  Cut off the excess wire.  There you have it! A new jewelry set for Tessie... Err... I mean your favorite doll.

See you tomorrow.


Jodi Hippler said...

Your example necklace and earrings are just beautiful, Casey. Thanks so much for sharing the process - it looks easy enough thanks to your diagrams. I am excited to give them a try!

mcddiss said...

ese tutorial esta muy bien explicado , muchas gracias



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Thank you for the tutorial. It looks lovely.
Big hug

Юлия said...

Very clear! I'll definitely try. Thank you!