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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bead Soup

That's what it is called when you have lots of little piles of leftover beads and throw them all in one pot... Or in this case in eight pots.

I got out my # 15 beads today and then I also thought of my #15 bead soup. 

I gave everyone a little plastic box of a selection of beads out of the containers. Then I decided to pull out the bead soup and let them all take some of that home too. Technically it was all sized bead soup, but I ran it through a strainer the right size to get the #15 beads out.

Of course Tessie got involved... She was not happy that I made the examples with clasps that wouldn't open. 

She has several necklaces that do open and couldn't find any of them.  She takes them off and just leaves them wherever she is.  I have no idea where any of them are and neither does she.  I guess that I am supposed to keep track of where she takes them off.  That is next to impossible.

The last one I found was in the Archeologist's office. I gave it to her and told her to put it away and haven't seen it since.

She likes the one that I made today, but I outfoxed her by making it so that it doesn't open. She can't get the clasp undone, so I won't have to worry about these pieces. Did I mention that her ears aren't pierced? She will probably squirrel them away somewhere anyway.  She keeps petting them and whispering, "Mine... All mine..."

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to teach the witches to make them and I will write directions for you at the same time. 

See you then.


mcddiss said...

menudo embrollo de cuentas , seguro que tus amigas quedaran encantadas con tus instrucciones , lo de Tessie es pura avaricia y aburrimiento , yo no le haria mucho caso



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Well, you have got to give it to Tessie, she does have great taste and a sense for all things beautiful.
Big hug

Marian said...

¿Quién mejor que Tessie para lucir un conjunto tan bonito??
Un abrazo

Caseymini said...

Giac, please don't incourage her! She told me a few days ago,"See, Giac likes me!"