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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tessie's in Hiding Again!

I told Tessie that if she didn't let me have the day off, before her makeover, I was going to turn her into a decrepit old lady with gray hair... She is somewhere in the house... I am not going to go look for her.  She doesn't want gray hair.  "No how.  No way." Those were her exact words.

So.  That gave me some time to mess around without interference. A whole day to myself!

See the pretty book with the black and white cover?  That is now Tessie's appointment book.
She can only have things done on the days that I put her in the book for. At least that is what I told her.

Actually it's a book full of quarter inch graph paper... Just don't tell her that.

I just wanted to see what a new freebee would do.

See the gray beige liner in the book?  I found it at the big Walmart here in town.  It is actually an eight and one half by eleven paint sample with a sticky back.  They are free to take home and try on your wall.  They are "repositionable".  It seems to stick pretty good for something that is supposed to be removable... I see possibilities for mini walls...

When I opened the old book, I remembered how irritating the gift wrap that I used for the inside of that one was.  Not a lot of fun to work with. 

Now all I have to see is how this one holds up.

I found this pattern for a quarter scale chair and couch in the other book. 

I might just have to run that through the blog with directions later.  I don't know how many are interested in 1/4" scale furniture. 

These are very easy and if you want to learn, just give a comment.  I don't think that the directions are any place else on the blog...

Back to ignoring Tessie.

See you tomorrow.


Debris said...

Thank you so much for all your wonderful tutorials Casey. I have learnt heaps reading your blog and I love Tessie. I would love a quarter inch furniture tutorial, thank you.

mcddiss said...

nunca se sabe lo que va una a encontrar cuanto escarba en los armarios o estantes , seria genial un tutorial sobre esos muebles , tus tutoriales son fantasticos ,muchas gracias por compartirlos