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Monday, March 20, 2017

Everybody Wants Something New!

Tessie is here with a me first attitude... So what else is new? First she found the pieces that I make the purses from... Old cardboard tubes from Tampons... Nope, they don't make that kind anymore, so save them if you have any!

She also found more unfinished baskets and books... 
Then she went to the bookcase that I just finished and found the book "Rags" and kept telling me that was what her clothes look like... To quote her, "I need NEW clothes and a new Hair-do!!!
Tomorrow at the latest."  She knows that we are going over to April's later today... That will hold her off for 24 hours. At least I hope it will anyway.
You might know it.  If one of the Terrible Two wants something new, the other one and a half will want something too...

Zar and Spike found THREE boxes labeled "Steampunkery".  They want in on the deal If one of the Terrible Two and a half gets something the rest wants something too!

The three of them got their heads together and whispered for a while then Tessie came to me with the list... Hers first.  New clothes and hairdo... That should be do-able tomorrow. 

I am not so sure about the other two.  They want me to start doing stuff for the Bizarre Bazaar.  Zar wants the Bazaar and Spike wants a doghouse with (are you ready for this?) with a time machine included... Hold your breath boys!  This may take a while...

I am off to get ready to go to April's house. 

See you tomorrow.

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