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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jumping Around...

First of all, I meant to tell  you about a source for really nice buttons... I happened to see these in the "Dollar Tree" the other day... I bought them for the bottles.  I am running low... But the contents were excellent as well. 

Six colors of little round buttons and a tube of glue to stick them on with.

I used them on Zar's vest.  They worked well.
On to other things...

Kota is a happy camper this morning. I bought a bottle of spray catnip to put on his toys... This is the octopus that I crocheted for him a few weeks ago. 

If he keeps it up, I am going to have to do another one shortly.  He not only chases it when someone throws it, he licks it to pieces after he catches it. 
This is what I happened upon at Goodwill this morning.  They are back to selling big jars of beads and jewelry.  I guess that selling them on line at auction didn't go so well.

This doesn't look like much, but I got some chains and a few other things that I didn't throw in the photo.

The jars were some that I had.  And I still have another one to fill!

Tessie and Zar are speculating as to what can be made in mini with the contents. 

That should keep them busy for a while... I am beading.  Don't tell them.

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

esas botellitas son muy utiles y su contenido tambien , esos dos no hacen nada bueno nunca , jajajaja, esos frascos quedan muy bien para guardar cosas pequeñas , buena idea



Heather T said...

I bought that nail kit today while at Dollar tree for the bottles also. Thought they would look great on the bathroom shelf with some bubble bath in them. ;)