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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tessie Wins Again!

Or does she?

She nagged until I put together a bookcase for the other corner box... Then when I got it together, she nagged even more!

It seems that she noticed that it was going to be the same size as the other one...NOT GOOD!

She nagged until I told her that I would put higher legs on it and she could store stuff underneath it.  That still wasn't quite enough to suit her...

She opted for little finials at the top to make it even taller.

She then drug out a bottle of pewter gray. Yup.  That was her color of choice... She kept saying after I finished putting a couple of coats of paint on it, that she had other ideas to fancy it up... Her words.  Not mine!

Then she proceeded to grab all of "her" stuff from the other bookcase.  That left nothing but a couple of old books that she didn't want in Zar's new bookcase.

She has all of her pottery back.  Most of her books are in place. 

She keeps saying that she has other stuff to add...

Please note, she even grabbed the piece of chocolate cake that Zar barrowed from her...

I am just waiting to see what else she drags in, now that she has her very own "larger" bookcase... I know that there will be stuff on top and stuff crammed under the bottom.  I just don't know what she has up her sleeve yet.
She has not yet noticed that Zar has lots of packing boxes on his shelves... I can't wait to see what he chose to bring over from the clockwork cottage.

One of these days I am going to have to get to work and finish that one too.

Not today.

I have to go help Zar unpack and then probably help Tessie get one or two items up on his stash.

Back to the bickering.

See you tomorrow.


Mary said...

Looking pretty smug, there, Tessie!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I hope this ends the feud between the two...for now.
Enjoy the peace and quiet
Big hug