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Friday, February 3, 2017

Somebody Stop Me!

These rings are becoming an obsession! I have made seven so far. I can't show you the seventh one.  That was the first one and Walter took possession of that one.

They only take a couple of hours to make and make them I will!

I made a second turquoise one today. It's a bit smaller than mine.  For April. 

I will give it to her tomorrow.  We are meeting April, Seth and Amare for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Then we are all going out the ballpark to continue finding treasures. That will be the last of my birthday celebration for this year...

I am still finding things that I did and just put away, instead of wearing them.

I did this pendant while I was recovering.  I just found it this morning... Now all I have to do is find a chain to put it on.

I have showed you this before, but I found it again... And again... And again...

These are all of the unfinished projects in my beadwork drawer... Maybe I should finish some of these before I go back to minis... Nah...

Maybe a couple, but not all of them.  I wouldn't get back to mini-ing until late next year, at the earliest.

I guess I should go make a shopping list for tomorrow.  It will include some mini beads for mini projects. Need more mini purses... and mini jewelry.

Back to beading.

See you tomorrow.

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