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Saturday, February 4, 2017

One Miniature and a Lot of Rocks!

Amare is growing so fast that I am going to stop calling him a miniature after this.

He posed with a dinosaur sculpture in one of the tents.

Of course he wore his dinosaur shirt so that he would know what he was looking at.
This was one of the new things that they had this year.  Someone was making table tops out of slabs of rocks.  I want this in my dining room.  Too bad we just bought a new dining table a few months back.  Walter liked this one too!
This is what I did buy.  Five more dollar bracelets for the stones.  A couple of ammonite slabs(two for five dollars).  They don't show up well in the photo.  They have a silver overlay on top of the cut side.  Very pretty.  I am going to bead around those.

The other strips of stone beads were two dollars a piece. Another twenty dollar day. The red ones are coral.

Lots of fun was had by all!

See you tomorrow. 

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Юлия said...

Children grow up quickly. Do not have time to blink and they are adults.
The table is very good. I saw that cuts small stones sold for a small price.