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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fifteen Minutes Out of the Cleaning Time...

Well... Tessie heard me promising minis for today.  Then she came in and caught me cleaning again...

Bad move on my part.

She found one of the  boxes that I had left like Daisy's time machine... She immediately demanded..."This is mine and I need a place to be in fifteen minutes.

At first I thought that she wanted a time machine.  Then I realized that she just wanted another hangout space.  The bookend is not to her liking. It's stuck in one place and too small besides.
Mind you, she has several houses, shops and other hangouts.  She simply thought that I didn't look busy enough... So to humor her, I played her game...

First I had to fix the Plexiglas in the door.

This took me about the fifteen minutes that she demanded.

I found an old floor that was made of wallpaper, stuck to foam core.  I cut it down to fit.

Then I found a rug in my stash that was about the right size.
Of course there is always wicker leftover from other projects.  I produced a chair and a tuffet.  To her left there is a table with cheese and crackers and something to drink... I am not sure what it is this time...

I doubt that she will be drinking much of it.  She found a box of Chocolate Covered Cherries, left over from Christmas. 

That should keep her occupied for the rest of the afternoon.  I am making progress on the cleaning... and with her out of my hair, I might just make some more.

I am going back to work now... But first I am going to lock that box and hope that she doesn't remember how to zap herself out of there.

Wish me luck.  See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

esta Tessy sigue adueñandose de cualquier cosa que ve , estoy deseando ver que haces definitivamente con ese espacio , espero que se quedase en ese sitio un buen rato para que el resto de tu dia fuese mas productivo



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You're a crafty one! Well done!
Big hug,

Юлия said...

Hi, Casey! Tessie has little patience and a lot of perseverance. You made it pretty and cozy corner.