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Monday, February 27, 2017

All Minis, All the Time!

 I had a go at doing more painting on the dragon on the conservatory this morning... He is coming along and so is the inside, but nothing to show you up close and personal quite yet. 

I did notice that the windows are in need of a good washing though.

Did I mention that Tessie is the only one that isn't still partying as a part of my blog celebration... She is more interested in me making more minis for her.

Her only problem at present is finding a way to get out of the box that I just made for her yesterday... Yup.  Locked the door and hid the key...
This is the first day that I have been brave enough to mess with the cross stitch program on the new computer.  It took a while, but I managed to get it working...

This is more or less just a doodle.  If you want to use it for a pattern, feel free to blow it up and have at it.  You can use any four colors that you want to use.  I used two shades of green, a rusty brown and beige for a background.

Mind you, I didn't say it's the best rug that I ever designed, but hey!  It's a start! Next try I will do something more serious.

See you tomorrow.

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Юлия said...

An interesting pattern! I want to try this embroidered carpet. Thank you!