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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another Goodwill Find...

I like this one.  I won't have to do a lot to it to get it to work.

I think that it was one of those boxes that people use for weddings.  You know... Put your  money in here?

I am going to glue it together.  Right now it is put together with pegs and screw slots.  The top is not centered.  We can fix that.  I am sure that Tessie will be here "to help" soon!

It has plexi on all four sides and another window on the top.  Skylight?

I will have to fill in the slot with something or maybe even build a roof on top. No skylight in that case...

I also had to get the turntable off of the bottom.  That was a job and a half.  I don't think that it is going back on.

Right now I am thinking another corner box. 

It came with fiber board fillers for behind the plexi.  I might just forget about those and do the insides with foam core to fit two of the sides.

Whatever I do with this, it is MINE!  Tessie or Zar can't have it!...

Maybe I need a new person to inhabit it.

I think that I will definitely paint the outside.  White is not my thing. 

Anyway, here we go again!

See you tomorrow.


Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Un hallazgo magnífico. Seguro que haces una preciosa escena con ese farol tan bonito. Un beso

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That is an awesome find and has sooo many possibilities. Have fun! I can't wait to see how you transform it!
Big hug

Veronique Blommaart said...

Great find!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Юлия said...

Run with great prospects! I am sure that with your talent you make of it something special and good.