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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another Wednesday...

Look! I can see the whole floor of the workroom!  I can walk around the whole room...

OK...So I have to stumble over the chairs and worktable, but the rest of the floor is free and clear!!!

You may not be excited,  but I haven't seen the floor this clean in years!

While cleaning out this morning, I found another one of the boxes from which I made Daisy's Time Machine.  What will this one become.  Not another Time Machine.  Been there.  Done that.

Just what I need.  Another undone box...

When I got home from Witches, I found that Tessie and Zar had made up... I forced the issue.

I pried Tessie's corner box off of the shelf and took it with me to Wednesday Witches.

I guess that Tessie needed a place to go, so there she sits.  Zar's party didn't last that long.  No football games to watch.

So Tessie and Spike decided that a place with cold cuts and bug beer was as good as they could get.

I did bring Tessie's box back and I will be sticking it to the shelf again.

It's just a good way to keep her out of my hair...

Tomorrow we all celebrate.


mcddiss said...

lo del desorden es algo que no se puede evitar si continuamente estas haciendo cosas , pero tienes razon , de vez en cuando hay que parar un minuto y recoger para poder continuar



Юлия said...

You made a grand cleaning!