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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Ring's the Thing!

Oops! Sorry that this entry is so late!  I just plain forgot to do it. That's because I didn't have any minis to report on...

I had to get my driver's license renewed this morning and went to Wednesday Witches this afternoon.

So I decided to show you some of the rings that I have been making.

I made the middle finger ring this afternoon at Wednesday Witches. The other one is one that I made a long time ago.
The larger one in this photo is one that I made when I first started working with super duo beads. 

The other one is an early one in peyote stitch.

 I grabbed a few of the ones that I have made and put them on a ring holder.  I made that out of an empty bead tube covered with leather... Easy way to keep your rings in order and not hard to make.
Most of the rings that I have made over the years are made with thread.

The black and white one in this photo is made on wire.  I made it about fifteen years ago.  They look pretty good, but they don't hold up well.  The wire breaks easily.  That's why I switched to doing it with waxed thread instead.

Anyway, I was busy all day today and didn't get anything done but the one ring.  I am kind of holding off on minis until I get the glasses situation straightened out.  They are ordering another new pair and I should be getting them sometime next week.

I can do the beadwork with one of the "mistake" pair of glasses.  Not much good for minis though.  Beadwork is all in one small space.  Minis are spread out all over the place. You know how that is.

See you tomorrow.


HoneyMelone said...

Wow! that's awesome work. especially the blue golden, flowerish one hit my heart.

Юлия said...

Very beautiful and original rings. Never seen such beauty.

miniaturista said...

La bisuteria con abalorios es un gran entretenimiento y quedan preciosos y a nuestro gusto.
Que las disfrutes.
Un abrazo