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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Back to Work!

I got to work and cleaned out the conservatory.  It was a mess!

Tessie and Zar and even Spike refused to help.  They said that I made the mess, so I could clean it up.

So I did...
 As soon as I got it cleaned out, they moved right in. 

Did you notice that I have still another fountain at the center back.  This one is a planter. I did it years ago and it gets a new home every once in a while. 

I kind of like the fact that it adds some more green stuff inside the conservatory. Who knows where this will end?
I still need to do the inside of the door on the end that you can see inside, but at least I have all of the panels cut for the ends now.

This is where it is going to sit when it is done.  It needs to be where it gets some indirect lighting.
With all of the bad weather we have been having, it has a new friend.

I brought my oldest cacti in from outside.  It is just about as old as the house itself and I would hate to loose it.

Walter carried it inside and I think that it will stay for one more night.

It was under freezing here for the last three nights.

The theory is that, if you live in Arizona, that doesn't happen!  So much for that theory!

I would like to get some more done today.

Back to work.  Maybe I can finish the door at least.

See you tomorrow. 

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