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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cleaning is a Bad Thing!!!

As of now, I have two of these cabinets empty!

I took out books and other stuff that has been in there way before cancer.  I found some electronic stuff that neither Walter or I can identify!

I am getting everything back in order... I am turning into a scary cleaning lady!

Somebody stop me!!!

But now I will have somewhere to put the important stuff.

For instance, a pair of Halloween socks that I started a long time ago... My guess would be about ten years ago...

I am going to finish them for next Halloween, one way or another.

The new glasses that I picked up yesterday were not right.  The bifocals were way narrower top to bottom than the old ones.  I couldn't do anything close up and it's kind of hard to build minis from across the room!  So back they went and we are going to try again... Until they get them right.
When we got back from the glass shop, Tessie was sitting in the middle of the stuff that I left on the bed.

She announced, "I am putting a stop to this cleaning nonsense!  It isn't good for your health and it certainly isn't doing me any good either! I need you working on MY mini projects and not messing around in the closets! Cease and desist immediately! That's an order!"

Thank goodness! Someone around here has a good head on her shoulders! As soon as I get everything put back into the two cabinets I am going to sit down and do minis for a week!

See you tomorrow, with minis! 


Karin Corbin said...

It is pretty normal behavior to start the year with a cleaning out binge. It is only a temporary madness. Enjoy it while it last.

Юлия said...

I like when all things have their place in the order. Unfortunately my family that does not think so)) I think that mess prevents live.