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Monday, January 9, 2017


Not quite, but close...

Remember the socks that I just finished?  I loved the yarn the minute that I saw it.

Finished the socks in nothing flat, because I loved the colors...
This morning I had a doctor's appointment.  Nothing urgent.  Just a check up.

On the way I started a new sock. It is made from the other sock yarn that I bought when April and I went yarn shopping. 

I have almost an inch done.

We went to get my new glasses this afternoon and I was knitting in the car.  I lost a needle and neither Walter or I could find it.  
So I went looking for another needle... What did I find?

Another pair of socks... almost finished...

They are the exact same yarn as my new ones.  Evidently I started them two years ago just before Christmas.  That was pre cancer.

I had them knitted all but one toe.  It's ok though.  April will be happy to take the extra pair. She never refuses handmade socks.

If you read this April, I am working on the last toe right now.  You will soon have socks that match mine.  Merry Christmas(two years late)!

I have to go finish a sock. 

See you tomorrow!


azteclady said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!!

It made my evening, thank you so much, Casey! And hey, Christmas presents are never out of season, says I.

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Lovely, Casey! Hugs

miniaturista said...

Están muy graciosos y seguro calentitos.
Un abrazo

Josje said...

That's a funny story! You may be a tad senile, but not fickle!