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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

As Promised...

I told you and Tessie that I would make a mini today... I decided that the quickest thing that I could do was a jewelry box.

I have Wednesday Witches to go to, so it has to be a quickie.

I got out some base molding and cut two long pieces(in this case about an inch) and two short pieces(5/8). I mitered the corners at 45 degrees out from the inner edge to the outer corner.  The inner edge is where you measure the 5/8ths and the 1".

I glued the pieces together around a base piece that measured 1" by 5/8". I used the gluing jig to hold the box together until dry.

I made a top for the box with a piece that was about 3/4" by 1 1/4".  Another piece the same size as the bottom was glued on top of that.

Everything was sanded and stained.  I would recommend staining the wood before gluing. That way you get a more even coat. I didn't this time because I was in a hurry. My bad!

 After everything was dry, I put some gold findings on top.  These were just some that were easily reachable. Don't tell Tessie.  She will want them ripped of and replaced with solid gold! These were from Walmart.

I will spray the whole thing with a varnish after a day or so. I like to make sure that everything is dry before the final coat.

You can do this project with any kind of trim molding. It just depends on how you cut it as to how big your box will be.

I used to make these to sell at shows.  I did quite a few that were hand carved and one of a kind.  You can get as fancy or plain as you want.

You may be wondering if it opens... Yes.  I used a piece of silk ribbon just a bit shorter than the length of the box.  I glued half of the length to the box.  Then after that dried I folded it over and glued the other half to the top, where I wanted it to hinge.

I have to go get ready to go to the Witchy meeting now.

See you tomorrow.


miniaturista said...

Un baúl de secretos... ¿que contendrá?
Un abrazo

Юлия said...

Very nice jewelry box! Thank you for the explanation. Interestingly do this alone.