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Monday, January 23, 2017

Busy Day!

When I got up this morning, the Terrible Two were still struggling with the room box kits...

However, they piled furniture on top before they started to move the boxes... I don't think that they got very far.
After that, they needed a rest and in Zar's case, a bath.  Kota is good at that.

While they were relaxing, we went for a third try at getting my glasses right... Come to find out, my prescription didn't change... Somewhere along the line, a .25 was changed to a .50.  It is now supposedly right and I will get my glasses in about a week.
After that, Walter and I decided to see the new Triple X movie.  Good if you like action movies. We both liked it.

The Terrible Two stayed home and watched KDramas.  They were still at it when we  got back.

The wind is blowing like mad and it is supposed to storm again tonight.  I want summer back!
I just went out to check on something in the kitchen and found that Tessie, Zar and Spike are taking another break.  I think that this is about the tenth one that they have taken today and NOTHING is getting done.  I can't complain.  I haven't accomplished much either.

Spike is sitting on one of my HBS purchases.  I don't know when they changed, but the wax that you hold mini stuff down with is now "Bard's Tacky Wax.  No more red can that is easy to find.  Black.  I am going to have to make a special place to keep it, so that I can find it when I have to.  You probably already knew of the change, but I had a terrible time finding it and thought that I would simplify the search for others.  They will probably change it again before I go to buy another can!  It takes me a long time to empty the can.

Back to arguing with the Terrible Two.

See you tomorrow.

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