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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Round and Round We Go...

Would someone please explain to me why this room looks way worse than when I started straightening it?

Part of it could be that I have not been working on anything but the beads for the past few days, but that can't be the whole story.
 I sneaked in yesterday afternoon, after I gave up. This is one thing that is making it worse. 

I found Tessie and Zar stuffing the nesting hanging boxes on a top shelf of the closet area...They didn't even stop long enough to let me snap the photo.  So you get a blur of the stuffing.

They obviously have other ideas as to what I should be working on.

I just shook my head and left the room.
Later, I looked in and the Terrible Two were trying to get the new HBS boxes off of the top of the pile and out into the other room, so that I would have room to work on them.

Obviously, I can't possibly work on them in there.  The Terrible Two told me so, in no uncertain terms.
Hey! Give me a little bit of credit. Tessie's beads are straight and she didn't even help with them!

She stood back and cheered me on.

It is cold and the weather is icky or I would be out in the yard ignoring both Tessie and Zar.

As it is, I may as well go back to working on the beads and findings. I know that those two are not going to help me with the rest of the room. 

Back to the grindstone....

See you tomorrow.

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Юлия said...

This mess is a transition period, then everything will improve. Need a little patience and stubbornness.