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Friday, January 27, 2017

Before and After...

I told Walter that I wasn't coming out of the workroom until it was clean... I lied...

I started cleaning from the floor up and then decided that I had to do it the old fashioned way.  One thing at a time...
I picked the biggest mess for first.  See all of that stuff in the first photo.  My bed is under there somewhere.

I am doing pretty good so far.  I eliminated five of the big plastic boxes that you see in the photo. 

We aren't going to talk about the pile on the bottom shelf.  I got everything straightened and in it's own place except the stuff on those trays and baskets...

I just plain ran out of steam.  I started about 8:30 or so and stopped at about a quarter to four.

I only stopped long enough to cook hamburgers and eat in the middle of the mess.
When I started moving the boxes back in, Tessie stopped me with, "You are going to leave a space on this shelf, aren't you?"

Silly me, I bit and asked why.

She continued, "We will need a space to put my bead shop at eye level. Some of these boxes have to go!"

I imagine that I could move some of them down to the bottom shelf, but it is NOT going to happen until I finish that darned conservatory!

I didn't tell her that.  I just kept nodding my head and pretended to agree with her every whim...

I did not say, "Don't hold your breath, Tessie!"  Believe me, I was tempted! I can put her off for a while. After all, the conservatory was her idea.  Unfortunately, she is full of Tessie-centric ideas.

I am going to go watch TV and maybe do a bit of beading with the nice straightened boxes.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow. 

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Юлия said...

Hard work and need to rest. Cleaning can last indefinitely. My dream is to spend a weekend on projects and also have to clean up.