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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rock Show!!!

Today was our first day of going to the Gem and Mineral Show here in Tucson.

It doesn't take much to make me happy.  I just get to the ball park and wander around for hours.

See these ammonites? They are about the size of a car tire! I like them, but how would I get one home? They weigh way more than car tires!
Here are some smaller ones, but they are embedded in stone, so again, how would I get them home?
Do you like purple opals? Most of these, I couldn't even lift, let alone carry!

Mind you this is at the Tucson Electric Park, pro baseball field.  It is only one of hundreds of places that the show is held.

There are hotels all over town that have people selling things.
I have a couple of favorite tents at this show.

You can buy one of these strings of turquoise beads for next to nothing! I bought one last year and still haven't used them all!
I spent a total of 26 dollars and tax for all of the stuff that I got. 

The top row is all crystal.

The second row is glass and seed beads

The last row is all semiprecious chips.  There is crystal, malachite, and lots of mixed stones.  Those were in the form of three stranded bracelets.

I promptly brought them home and unstrung them.  For a dollar a piece I have a lot of chip beads to do with what I want. The hanks of seed beads that you see were three dollars a piece! A lot cheaper than the local craft and bead stores.

I have to go now.  I have a lot of new jewelry ideas swimming around in my head.

See you tomorrow.


Юлия said...

What is interesting exhibition! Valuable findings! I like pretty little beads. I wish you lots of inspiration!

Jodi Hippler said...

Oh Casey! You know that feeling when you've just discovered a natural wonder for the first time? Ammonites as big as car tires? Me = Mind Blown! How on earth do they know that they are under all that dirt? How do they get them outta there? So many new questions. I am definitely going to a rock and mineral show as soon as possible! Thanks for sharing!

Lené said...

That show sounds fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing pictures. Do you think Santa might be upset if I asked for a tire-sized ammonite for Christmas?

Caseymini said...

Lené, it might be difficult to get in his bag!