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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday Again...

This, believe it or not, is almost three hours work! I punched leaves at Wednesday Witches until I got a charley horse in my right little finger!  I am not even going to hazard a guess as to how many there are... Not enough!
I think that I am going to change out the branches.  These are too big now.  Not quite the right shape either. 

I need something a bit shorter and more curved towards the center of the greenhouse.

These are too straight up and down.

I need to go look for different branches.  These just aren't right.
While I was at witches, what did Tessie do? 

Absolutely NOTHING!  She sat on the plate with the plants and napped. 

Walter is going to a U of A game tonight, so maybe I can make up for lost time. 

Tessie is NO help at all.

I am thinking of keeping the conservatory for myself and she can just go back to her townhouse! 

Is my bad mood showing?  Oops!  Sorry about that. Back to work!

See you tomorrow.

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