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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Not Many Minis...

We had an adventure this morning! We took Amare to see Moana this morning.  April had a meeting to go to and we volunteered.

It was great fun, but that preempted any minis that I might have done.

Have you ever taken a five year old to a movie? He laughed at everything and had a great time.

We were just laughing at him laughing.  Really fun!

Tessie and Zar tried out their usual hiding and spying in the Christmas tree this morning.  It turned out better than they hoped.

Usually they set up a blanket, chairs and things to snack on.  This time they just jumped in and settled down... They like this plan better.

If you stand back about five feet, they are pretty much invisible.

Good luck on trying to find them in the five foot away photo!
I got the Charley Brown Christmas characters set up in front of the golf shop. 

That's about it for minis.

I did a bit more jewelry making yesterday afternoon.  Not much else.
I did set up Walter's golfing Santa the other day, but then he is always out at Christmas.

So much for minis.

I promise to do something mini tomorrow. Maybe, even something for you to make! Promise and cross my heart.

See you then!

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