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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Use It Up... Again...

We needed a potting bench for the conservatory.  I went and looked for things to use.

I realize that it is a very peculiar mixture, but it may just work.

After all, we need a water source and some shelves.
I will never use the headboard for a bed, so it may as well be used for a backing for shelves and hooks.

The piece of walnut was just lying in the wood drawer, taking up space and so was the old dry sink.

I may have to adjust here and there, but I think that it will work.
Tessie and Zar came out of the Christmas tree to "help"...

They basically did the same thing that I did with the pieces.  Then finally gave me the "go ahead" to work on the project. 

They did specify that everything had to be painted one color after it was put together... I didn't tell them that I had planned on doing that anyway. 

Let them think that they are in charge.  They like it that way and I stay out of trouble by not telling them it was  my idea in the first place.

By tomorrow, I hope to have a nice potting bench for the end of the conservatory.

See you then.

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