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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just for Fun...

This morning, I decided to mock up the crenelated top for the conservatory... I hate it even more than the wrought iron on the top.

Now I have to come up with another idea.  Bah Humbug! See me stomping my feet?
I did put another layer of bricks along the top of the end wall.  I like it better with more thickness. I still want to put another layer on.  I want the top to be more  heavy.

I am going to just keep adding until it looks right.  This could take a while.
Tessie wandered in and added her two cents.  She hates the top also. Maybe between the two of us, we will be able to come up with something else.

The way that things are going, I am not sure if this thing will be finished by Christmas or not.

Any suggestions for something to do with the peak of the roof? It's too bad that I can't just remove the ironwork.  It's welded on tightly.

Back to adding layers to the ends.

See you tomorrow.


Nancy Rodriguez said...

If you have a Dremmel tool, you could cut each of the pieces at the bottom. That is what I would do!

Sheila said...

What about...instead of crenelations you just wrap the ironwork in cardboard, like a roof peak? It would look thick and substantial. The crenelations look very thin and like they aren't meant to be there. Something with more weight to it would blend with what you're doign with the stonework on the sides.

Caseymini said...

Sheila, that was just a try out kind of thing. They were going to be wrapped if I did it for real. I just plain didn't like the shape. I have another idea now.

elizabeth s said...

Hi Casey

I can tell that you are somewhat frustrated by the crenelations on top of the conservatory, but it also sounds like you already have a backup plan waiting in the wings.
but just a suggestion- have you considered filling in over the arches along the sides with stone and then following the outlines of the black vertical supports on the ceilings and down to the base? It would give the entire structure a continuity, now that you have started seriously with the stone and yet it would still allow for all of the required light.
Perhaps paper clay would work to coat the black metal enabling you to keep the supports thin enough and have it still look as though it can support the weight of the solid ends as well as the crenelations of your conservatory.
as I've said- it's Just a thought

Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, you are close... Air drying Clay is what I'm using. It is working.