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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cleaning Up After the Cold...

 Someone said something about my storage of things the other day... I thought that some of you would be interested in some of the things I use.

I keep a lot of my every day tools on a tray on the bedside table... I try to keep them neat, but I have to stay ahead of them.

This is how it looks on a good day.

I use things that I enjoy seeing, but wouldn't otherwise use on a daily basis.

There is a cut glass creamer and sugar bowl... I keep most of my small tools in those.  Surprisingly, they don't get chipped or even scratched!

My larger scissors and rulers are in a favorite glass.  Someone said it looked like a vase... I stopped using it for drinks.

The little pitcher that carries the small toothpicks is from Italy.  I picked it up in a thrift shop and I have always wondered what it was originally. 

This is the bottom.  If anybody can  solve the mystery, I would be thrilled... It is hand painted and beautifully done.

Then I put the things that I know that I will loose in odd places. That way I will know where to find them.

See the little pink beaded container?  That holds all of my beading needles.  I have kept them there for years. That is the only way I know where they are when I need one.

Hey! It works for me.
The arrangement of the two tables by the conservatory holds all of the things that I need to work on it.

Granted, the work basket with tools isn't too straight, but it can easily be thrown in the workroom if company is coming.

The little drawer in the right hand table holds a box to picture hanging nails. Another thing that I used to loose.  Now I don't.  I go straight to the drawer if I need to hang a picture.

Here's a little closer view of the tray arrangement. 

When it's clean, there is even room for Tessie!  The two smaller glass pieces in the center, hold my beading thread and my long toothpicks.

The glass frog in the front holds some of my embroidery scissors.

I am pretty much ready for everything that comes along with what is here.

Now you know what to do with grandma's cream and sugar set.  I get to see it every day.  I wouldn't use it otherwise.  Same with the other pieces.  They would all be up in a cupboard somewhere. 

The tray that they are sitting in is a Japanese tray that I bought at Goodwill for a couple of bucks.  It really does keep things in order when I store them this way.  And it looks a lot less messy than it used to when everything was just scattered here and there...

Go ahead. Ask me where the wire cutters are.  I can get them for you in two seconds flat!

I am going to do more straightening and then go to Wednesday Witches.

See you tomorrow.


Kitty said...

That looks really good. I like to keep things in order too. Works best when you re making something and don t have to spent a lot of time looking for things ;)

Claudia said...

I'm organized at the moment, too. But that might be because I'm not working on any mini projects at the moment. Good for you!

Unknown said...

Looking at your little jug you think it might be this fellow? .....I'm not a ceramic expert ...just like a bit of a mystery!!
Thank you for your entertaining to read of yours and Tessie's escapades.
Jo ...a lapsed miniaturist!

Caseymini said...

Jo! Thank you so much! This is definitely one of Balon's pieces. It has an ermine on the front of it and that makes it related to one of the people mentioned on the page that you sent. I bookmarked it and am going to look some more. It is better than I hoped.