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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Advancing, One Step at a Time...

 One of the steps was going to Goodwill this morning... I got 42 barrel cacti for $2.00.

I may have scored a few more plants, but I have to see how they look when I paint them.  Wish me luck.
 When I got home, I hunted up the half finished terracotta pots that I started a couple of months ago. 

They will go on shelves along the wall opposite the door. They will have various fake plants in them. So far, I have 19 pots.  I am also planning to have a potting bench on that side.

The real plants will have to be out in the middle of the room, where the sunlight can get to them.

I did another row of stone under the pitch of the roof peak.  I will probably put another course of
stone at the bottom.

It needs a more solid foundation. 

I am getting there, slowly but surely...

Back to the stone work and plant making. 

See you tomorrow.

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