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Monday, November 7, 2016

This Could Take a While...

OK. I am going with the closed ends version of the conservatory. 

I don't like the iron work on the top, so I am probably going to do crenelations across the top. The ironwork as is, is much to big and out of scale...

I started cutting pieces of foamcore to see how it is going to look.
 I decided that it needed more thickness at the ends.

I will also have to cut pieces for the inside too. 

I haven't decided on the kind of stone or brick that I am going to use.

I drew a door and round window on one end...

I forgot that there will have to be an allowance for when I want to open the top.  Oops.
 We will just move the window up a bit.  It will be easy enough to cut a seam across the top where you see the line.  I will put some kind of fancy brick work there to cover the fact that there is a seam.

The door will be false.  I have to use the Plexiglas that is in the greenhouse already for windows and doorways.
Of course, as soon as I started blocking it out, Tessie came in with all kinds of suggestions...

She seems to think that it would be easier for everyone if I put a tower on one end that went all the way to the ground... Much easier for mere mortals to get up to the conservatory... She wouldn't have to fuss with zapping everyone in and out.

It's not going to happen... I am not in the mood to do 39 steps in a circular tower... She is just going to have to zap.

Today is movie day.  We're going to see "Doctor Strange".  I don't know if that is good or bad, but Tessie wants to go with us... That makes me nervous... I wonder what she knows, that I don't?

 See you tomorrow.


Fabiola said...

Great project.

elizabeth s said...

I like the ideas that you are planning for the conservatory Casey however I expect that a tower might show up after all because Tessie can be quite persistent when she sets her mind on something. ;P

miniaturista said...

Los proyectos nos dan ilusiones y nuevas ideas que vamos mejorando dia a dia.
Un abrazo