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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

One Step at a Time...

This morning, I stopped at Civano Nursery.  That always gets me in trouble.  I got two asparagus plants. Not too much trouble.  Just a little.

I pulled the squash plants out of the water tank and planted both of them.  The other asparagus that I had was planted in the ground by the back of the house...

Other plants kind of took over the territory.  They are still there, but not producing much of anything.

So I am starting over...

When I came back inside, I moved the jewelry chest to the other side of the bedroom, where it was before.

Then I moved the conservatory to the workspace in the middle of the wall.

Yes.  I know that I am going around in circles, but if I don't move the conservatory to that spot, I will never get it done.  So... Here we go again.
When I finished moving the chest, Tessie immediately moved things around in the basket cottage and proceeded to watch... First she watched me move things.  Then she watched TV.  Then she played with the new kitten. 

I am not even going to ask for help.  She will just think of more elaborate things to add...

I am just going to ignore her altogether.
On the other hand... Kota needs to be reminded that the foam core is not his.  He seems to think that I left it on the bed for him to lay on.  Every time I get anywhere near it, he gives me the evil eye and I back off.

When he looks like this, I don't want to mess with him.  I might lose a hand or at least a couple of fingers.

I will give him a little time and he will loose interest... I hope.  Until then, I think that I will go eat lunch and ignore him for a while...Wish me luck on getting anything else done today... I need more foam core.

See you tomorrow.

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