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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Morning at the Botanical Garden...

We met April, Amare, Eben(Seth's brother) and Seth's parents at the Tucson Botanical Garden this morning and spent a couple of hours.  Then we went to Outback for lunch.

The botanical garden was beautiful as always.  I had not been there since they opened their hatchery for butterflies.

It is amazing.  You can go inside and walk around and the butterflies are everywhere you look. 

 These were some of the plainer ones.  I didn't catch their names but it is great fun to have them fluttering about.
This was one that I liked best, but I couldn't find one that had his wings open... When they are open, the backs are bright blue!
To be specific, the blue on the butterfly is about the same as the blue frog.  They have several varieties of Poison Dart Frogs in cages in the same area. I want one of these for a pet... I know.  Poison.  Not good for pets.  But it was really pretty!
Anyway, after lunch, we came home and I started re doing Tessie's closet for extra aprons.  I painted it a pewter gray.  Unfortunately, in the photo it doesn't look much different than the colonial blue that I had on it before.

I re installed the bars for hangers.  And Tessie immediately started giving orders to fix all of the messed up aprons that SHE had messed up. 

Anyway.  One closet down and one to go.  Then on to the problem of where she wants the other two skeletons.  I am so glad that I didn't let her keep all eight out for the winter. 

I am going back now and kick her and the four Skellies out.  I am going to finish at least two closets today and maybe two tomorrow.

I need to go on to something else besides fixing her messes.

See you tomorrow.


A. Monterey Blair said...

I understand your problem. Poison Dart Frogs are super pretty. I would take one home as well if they weren't poisonous.

Kelli said...

Poison Dart Frogs are actually easily able to be kept as pets. They are only poisonous due to the insects they eat in the jungles. When kept as pets they're not poisonous due to the much "blander" food they're fed in captivity. I also love their colors and from those I've been around in the past -- they have great personalities!

Caseymini said...

That's what they told me at the botanical garden too... However, I think that I will pass. I think that Kota would mistake it for a new toy! Not a good idea.