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Sunday, November 27, 2016

JUst Give Me a Pencil and Some Paper...

And I am a happy camper... I can keep myself amused for hours.

I draw ideas for other kinds of art.

The ones that I just did were for jewelry. I am trying out ideas for Christmas presents.
These would mostly be poly clay pendants.  The top one with some beaded dangles.

The second ones all poly, with maybe a bit of wire. I think that they would go well on leather cording.
Here are three pieces that I made the other day.  They are wire wrapped coral, with turquoise and other natural stones added.

When I get in this mood, I usually have company.
Kota likes it, because I usually get bored with jewelry designing and sketch him instead...

Not yet though.  I am not quite bored enough with the jewelry so far. 

At least he is patient and just takes a nap until it is his turn...

We both benefit.  He gets to lay around and pose.  I get to do some sketching.

Oops!  About the tine  that I got in the mood to use the pencil on him, he left!

I have to go chase down the cat.  See you tomorrow.


Lené said...

I love the pendant designs you drew!

Jodi Hippler said...

Just beautiful, Casey! What a talented lady you are!