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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Below 32 Degrees Tonight!

Several times a year I have to do this... It is only about 1:00PM and it's already way colder than I like it outside. I kind of like the look of the red mountain range along the back wall..
I have spent over an hour covering plants and I'm still not finished.

The whole yard looks like it has been taken over by ghosts. I still have a few more plants to cover.

I went out this morning and bought a new bedspread. The old one was about five years or so old and starting to look like it could stand by itself, what with all of the glue, paint and other goodies embedded in the fabric.  Kota has already approved of the new spread.

Anyway, now I have to go get a new bed skirt to match and then I have to cover the two stools that go with the bed.  It looks like I may not be doing minis at least for today.

Back to the bedroom. 
That is, if the Terrible Two will let me in. They have taken over the TV and are watching shows about the Middle Ages... They seem to think that it will give them ideas for the conservatory, to go with the stone work and the Iron. 

If they keep it up, I am just going to go find something else to play with and  let them finish the conservatory all by themselves.
Hmmm... I like that idea.  Hey! A girl can dream.

See you tomorrow. I'm hoping that it will be warmer in Tucson!

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Heather Rayl said...

I know how you feel! It snowed in Albuquerque!