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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Way Too Much Fun!

Was had by all...  The party started in the Tudor Trailer before I even got out of bed and was still going strong when the Witches' party finished.

The Skeleton Crew escaped their basket and joined the fun...
They were all over the family room and as I feared, the Skeleton Crew has doubled in size! The girls in the aprons fit right in with the boys. 

I hear talk that they are forming a union and are going out on strike if I don't let them stay out this year... We shall see... I think that I have a butterfly net somewhere around here.  That should do to round them up.

As for the big witches, we made hats and brooms.

I made rose making tools for everyone.  We didn't have time to learn that today.  Next week we will do those. 

Sorry that this is late.  After everybody left, I fell asleep. I'm up now... Maybe I will go make some roses or clean up the family room and kitchen...

No... I think I will watch TV for a while and then go to sleep for the night.... It has been a LONG day!

See you tomorrow.