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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Miscellaneous...

 Just a little bit of everything...

First, we had a pretty spectacular sunset last evening... The funny thing is, if you turned around and looked the other way, it looked all black and stormy.  Weird weather.
I got more done on the Bunny Hutch this afternoon.  Slowly but surely...
Here is two thirds of my fig crop for this year.  A couple of years ago the tree froze.  I was not sure that we were gong to ever have any more figs.

It looks like it is slowly coming back to where it was.  This is six of the ten figs that are on the tree at present.
I am happy to report that Tessie will have Bug Beer in cans as well as other assorted flavors.

I stopped at Dollar Tree today and this one package of pencils will yield a LOT of canned drinks.

I run them through my saw and cut them in about 1/2" lengths.  Then I paint both ends silver.  If I want them to look open, I add a small jump ring and a black ink triangle on one end.  Easy to do and fun for the witches in a couple of weeks. 

I am having the witches Halloween party this year.  Last year about this time, I was not in the mood to celebrate anything... Now I am back to all kinds of witchy things.

Anyway, go find some Halloween pencils and make yourself some canned bug beer and other assorted yummy treats...

I am going to go chop up some pencils now.  See you tomorrow.

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Mary said...

Great pattern and colors for the bunny house. Thanks for sharing the can idea, I added it to Pinterest - in my Mini Ideas Not Quite a Tutorial board. I need to find some pencils.

A Big Mini Hug, Mary