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Monday, October 10, 2016

The Weekend Is Coming!!!

That means that there is a mini show to go to.

I worked on the Bunny Hutch some more this afternoon.  Kota helped... He kept trying to eat the thread...

I kept having to rescue the thread.  He thought that it was something that I wanted him to have to play with... Not really.

Another day or two should do it. 
 Walter is going to be golfing this weekend, so I am going to amuse myself, looking at and maybe buying minis. The show is at the Mini Time Machine Museum this year. 

I made the mistake of saying something about it out loud.

Tessie immediately went into planning mode.

It seems that the bunnies will be staying with Spike in his "hutch". 

I have no idea where the hedgehog will be holed up...

She got them settled in with Spike.  Then she disappeared.
I found her hiding in her closet... She seems to have the idea that she gets to go along...

I took her to one show a few years ago and she now wants to go  whenever there are minis to see.

I am in real trouble because I didn't take her to the museum with me earlier this week. 

She has her shopping bag and purse ready to go... Now she is trying to find comfortable shoes... Shoes? 

I know that she will end up going barefoot and ride in my purse or a pocket.  She wants to be where she can see everything and point out the things that she wants and reallllly needs.

I am going with Judy and Susan, the sister witches. Maybe I can tell her that there isn't enough room in the car?  I have to think of something fast!

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

The Miniature show at the Museum sounds like a lot of fun, especially as you are able to go with a couple of your Real life friends, and probably with Madame Tessie too! ;P

Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, Tessie will not hold me back... I have several "Tessie tight" compartments in my purse, with very strong zippers!

Summer said...

This is so cute and fun ♥

Caseymini said...

Summer, she is winning. I do believe, if she behaves, Tessie is going to the show... We shall see.