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Friday, October 28, 2016

Make Three More!

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while, know that I can't just use tools with rubber handles... I like pretty tools. 

And there is a practical purpose.  I have a better time gripping the handles if they aren't smooth. 

Sometimes I just go for crocheting around the handles in single crochet... Great grip.
 More times than not, I like doing bead work handles... Pretty and easy to grip.

This morning I spent a couple of hours looking for two of my favorite rings.  I took them off the day of the Halloween party... Now I can't find them anywhere.  I tore the house apart looking...

No luck. I just hope that they didn't go in the garbage when I was cleaning up.

So anyway, I decided to run away from the problem and bead for a while.

The day that I made rose making tools for the witches, I decided to make myself a new one too.

I couldn't find my old one... Seems like things are disappearing around here, left and right.

I dug around for something to make the tool from and found one lonely miniature bed post. 

It seemed about the right size and balance.  I stained it and colored some of the details gold with a pen and mounted a clipped needle in the heavy end.

This morning I decided that wasn't enough.  I pulled out some #15 beads and went to work. One of the segments was a bit smaller than I would have liked, so I proceeded to fill that one in with the beads. Now it is exactly the right size to hold whilst making the roses...

Only one problem... As soon as she saw it, Tessie put in an order for three more bed posts, the same as this one... Thank goodness, this is the only one I could find...

The crown is going to her head. She thinks that her new title(Queen of the World) deserves a much nicer bed than the one she sleeps in now...  Incidentally, that is a self imposed title.  I had nothing to do with it... I think that the crown is going to disappear shortly...  Oh dear!  I think it went down the garbage disposal... No... She won't believe that.  I have to think of a better excuse...

Back to the search.  See you tomorrow.

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