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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Getting Ready...

Wednesday is the Halloween Party for the Witches.  I have been working on the trick or treat bags for two days. 

My contribution will be kits to make Halloween treats.  Brooms and Hats so far...

The stuff in the first photo is wallpaper that I found a long time ago.  It looks just like cobblestones.  It is vinyl and can be painted. So if someone doesn't like the color they can change it.

They will have enough stuff to make several brooms.  Rosemary handles as well as plain old everyday straight handles.

I will put a tutorial for the bendy ones like this one tomorrow.
The hats will look something like this.  Tessie got hers early. 

If you ever want to make a Witch's hat and don't want it to be straight up and down, you can either make it with a paper lining like this one and just crumple it up or you can stick a pipe cleaner inside if it is just fabric.  Then bend the pipe cleaner the way you want the hat to go.

In answer to your next question... Yes.  Tessie gets along well with rats. Big and small...
I am going to cut this fabric up and use it for napkins.  Then everyone will get to take their napkins home to craft with. 

Tessie is insisting that I make her an apron from this fabric tomorrow.

She says that it will be her Halloween costume.  I think that she just wants another new apron for Halloween.  Any excuse for a new apron...

I still have a ways to go before Wednesday.  I had better get at it.

See you tomorrow.

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