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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The To Do List....

I had Walter get up on the stepladder this morning and drag my 30s hat box down.  It has been up on the plant shelf in the bedroom for about 15 years...

Not a good thing.

This is just some of the dust from the top on the outside.  I was not looking forward to seeing the inside...
I was right!  very messy!  Mind you, it has not been opened in a long time.  What happened inside, happened without help from the outside elements...

Tessie happened along while I was taking some of the things out and she immediately started whining and then wailing.

"My beautiful hat shop!  What happened to it?"

Mind you, she has never seen the inside of it before... Unless she zapped herself inside when she first started living here.  I highly doubt that.  It had been up there for six or seven years when she arrived on the scene.
 Anyway, I think that she has had her eye on it ever since I turned her hat shop into a sewing center for her.  She insisted that she needed a sewing room, more than a hat shop.

I am not taking the blame for that!

I decided to look for things that need a re-do, instead of starting something new.

This is the first of several that I have in mind.
As you can see, it is in need of a lot of work... I am going to keep searching... I know that there are others that also need repair. 

I do believe that, so far, this one has Tessie's vote for my next project. 

All of the pieces are here, so I can at least get started.

Tessie just climbed into the wallpaper drawer.  I have to go fish her out.  I am not even sure that there is any wallpaper suitable for the hat box.  We shall see. 

"Tessie!  Where are you?"

I have to go do search and rescue.

See you tomorrow.


Tina said...

I would turn hat box into a tiny house with dolls could come to your place and stay there for holidays

claude said...

very good project