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Monday, October 24, 2016

Crooked Little Broom

Tessie is happy for at least another 15 minutes.  Then she will start harping about the skeleton apron...

I made her another crooked broom.  Actually two.  I had to take photos so that you could see how it is done these days.

It is amazing how much a tiny rubber band can help.

I made kits for the witches yesterday.  They each contain a four inch square of needlepoint canvas that, when unraveled, makes 40 threads in each direction... That makes four brooms at 20 threads a broom.. They also got four sticks.  Both straight and crooked. Some thread and a tiny rubber band.

 That rubber band makes all of the difference. 

Here's the trick.  First you gather up 20 of the unraveled pieces of canvas.  Then you put the half way mark of the pieces about 1/4" from the end of the stick.  Half sticks out from the stick and the other half goes up the handle.  You use some thread of your choice and slide a slip knot around the bundle.  Tighten it up and then wind the longest tail around the bundle several times and tie a square knot.

Next, you bend down the part that was around the stick.  Use the rubber band to hold those down and do the same slip/square knot procedure.  Trim the ends even and there you have it.

You can do the same with a straight stick. If you use the straight stick, it is most likely a 19th or early 20th century version.  There is another  entry about broom making... Just put broom in the search box to get to that one.

Tessie is busy trying it out for now... That won't last... When she gets bored, I am going to have to amuse her with a new apron.

Back to work!

See you tomorrow.

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