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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Going Visiting...

That's what my grandma used to say when we were going to a friend's house.

Tessie went with me to the Wednesday Witches meeting today, because she has friends that live with Judy and Susan in their mini houses.

These three were trying to get rid of a mouse when we arrived...

Tessie made friends with him and told him,
"If you want to stay alive and in one piece, you should run back to your hole fast!  Very fast!".  That took care of the mouse problem.

She then moved on to the bakery/ coffee shop that Susan and Judy just finished.  She made an agreement with them.  She would take care of the store whilst we had our meeting... For all of the cheese and crackers that she could eat and then down to the little café for dessert.

The sisters said yes and that was the mistake of the century.

 First she finished off all of the cheese and crackers that were sitting on the counter and then moved on to the mac and cheese that was on the stove.

I thought that it looked pretty good myself, but we big people had other things to feast on, so I passed and left that all to her.
True to her word, she went down to the main floor and took over the bakery and coffee shop. 

I am not telling Judy and Susan that Tessie tends to sample everything that is being sold, when she tends to someone else's shop... I didn't think that would be wise.

I even caught her eating one of the raw chocolate chip cookies on the pan in the foreground.  There were supposed to be six cookies on the sheet...
She finally settled down with a nice glass of iced tea and a piece of something that was very whipped creamy, with a cherry on top.

I am afraid that I may have started something.  She has never gone to a Wednesday Witches meeting before...

From now on, I fear that I may have to tell her that I am going to the grocery store every Wednesday afternoon.  She hates grocery stores with a passion...Yup.  The grocery store it is. 

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hey Casey. I think that's your most amusing story to date. Go ahead, take Tessie
to the Wednesday meetings. She can get in just enough trouble to liven up our

P.S. I like your friend's mini bakery.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I can't say anything about Tessie's behavior in the cafe...I would have done the same!
Big hug

Minyatur1001 said...

Very nice