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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Digging Out and Decisions...

I did a lot of digging out in the garden this morning.  Now I am just sitting here thinking about what to do next.

Digging out is still on the top of my list.

This house has been hanging on the bedroom wall for a lot of years now.  I am not even sure how many.

Every once in a while, I get a bug to work on it.  That lasts for a few days and then I start ignoring it once more.

Most of the rooms are small and won't hold a lot of 1/4" furniture.
Mini Tessie shows up every once in a while, but like her larger counterpart, she changes her mind daily about where she wants to live.

Yes.  The baby elephant is hers and she takes him everywhere... That can get kind of messy.  Maybe that's why she doesn't commit to one house...
Doctor Who parked his police call box in what was to be the dining room, Christmas before last...

It hasn't moved an inch.  Even in quarter scale inches...

I am seriously thinking of getting rid of this one and moving on to a different house all together in quarter scale.

All this one does is collect dust...
See? Dust everywhere!  About 25  years ago, I built a mansion from six cigar boxes and a rug tube. 
Maybe I should go back to that way of thinking and do another one of those. It was a much more dimensional house and had deeper, more realistic rooms.

Maybe even a quarter inch cigar box castle.  I am having to think on this.  But while I am thinking, I am going to go see if there is something else that I could hang on that wall that wouldn't make me feel guilty...

Yup.  I think that I just solved my own problem.

I am going to go look for something to hang on that wall now. 

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is a wonderful wall house, but I think rooms that are too small to do what you want int heme are so frustrating.
Big hug

Marisa said...

I love your doctor who call box, but I have to say Mini tessie needs to bug you so you can finish furnishing that looks so sad and empty :*(

marisa :)