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Saturday, June 18, 2016

No Going Back Now....

 I did it  and I'm Glad! I am getting rid of the pressed gingerbread and going for something completely different.

 The first step was deleting the porch posts and railing. All Gone.
Tessie is on board with this... On the condition that I don't destroy the whole building... She just keeps saying, "Just make it better."

She is watching me closely.
 I did some of the gesso painting on the outside this morning.

I am thinking that I will leave the gingerbread on the bay. It will only be seen from the inside.  I can live with that.
I cut the railing off of the top of the "bay"... I think that it looks more like one half of a phone booth than a bay window... Hmmm... Maybe it needs to be enlarged... I will have to think on that for a bit. I may at least change the shape of the windows.  We shall see.

I am sure that Tessie will weigh in on that.

There will definitely be a slanted roof on the top of that piece.  There is no reason for the rails around the top.  You would have to open the second floor window and drop down to get there.  Then how would you get back up?

Sometimes I am way too logical...

Back to the store.

See you tomorrow.

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