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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fixing Things...

I had no square stock that would fit the crack, so I am using round. It works just as well.  It will all be covered.
I started the stucco this morning.  I have one end done...Three more to go.  Yes, there is some wall on either end of the fourth side.
I am going to have to make a piece to match the one on this end. It was part of the porch.  I may only have to cut the bottom of the piece off.  I will have to go hunt through the pile to see.

I re did the roof on the "bay". 

It is simple enough to do.  I just folded a piece of cardstock in half and started cutting.

First the top to the angle that I wanted the roof to sit against the wall.

Then the bottom was easy.  I simply drew a line to indicate where the bottom of the roof would be.  The same measurement all the way across from the edge of the bay, itself.
Then, on the jigsaw, I cut two pieces.  One just a tad larger than the other one, so that they would overlap the width of the wood.

I now have a roof!

I am going to take a break and have lunch with the squirrels.

Then back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Well someone should comment on how hard you are working on this little
I inherited a small house with those horrible punched-out pieces for the porch. Not
pretty! But I left them because I don't have the tools or experience to deal with
Have you ever taken a sharp knife and tried to improve the appearance of these
pieces without taking them off the house?
Every time I look at this little house, I tell myself how much better it would look if I just repainted it. I should do that.

elizabeth s said...

I like the improvements you are making on this LILY dollhouse kit! And I am also glad that you are committed to the 'NO GOING BACK" policy of building- full steam ahead Casey! :D

Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, that's usually how I do things. Full speed ahead. I am slowly getting back to normal.