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Friday, June 17, 2016

Gingerbread and Lace...

I don't really want to use the pressed out trim on this building... But I may have to.

Unfortunately, if I cut it off, the building may be unstable. It is already questionable...

Luckily I have the experience to fix it... I pity the fool that picks it out as a first kit!

Tessie is already complaining that I am not going fast enough... If I go fast, the building will fall down around her head.  It needs a lot of careful work and lots of glue and tape!

I am thinking of using some of the cake decorations that I got a couple of weeks ago to cover some of the fixes... It's not for sure, but I may have to.
The slots on this thing are just enough off that this is happening on the roof.  The roof slots fit down over the front(one piece) and the back(also one piece)of the house, so it is not going to be easy.  Usually I close the gap on the top of the roof with a piece of square stock. 

This time, it is going to be a larger piece than usual.

As I said, the slots are put into the holes right.  But there is a more than usual gap at the top of the roof.

This is going to be fun! Oh well.  I need a good challenge once in a while.

And Tessie will not let me quit!
So far, everything seems to be holding together, but there is a LOT of tape in use at present.

Lots of glue and extra wood is in order. 

I have to go now and see what I have that will fix things.

Back to work.

 See you tomorrow.

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