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Thursday, June 16, 2016

A. W. O. L....

I did it and I am glad! 

I snuck out of the house about 8:30 and met April for coffee and fun...

We went thrift and bead shopping.  I found this pack of origami paper at the first thrift shop for 50 cents.

I see Japanese minis in my future...

April did most of the buying at the thrift shops.  We went to one antique mall.  Neither of us bought a thing.  Just had fun wandering around.

I told her... I need to get back in regular Casey mode.  I have been icky, sick Casey for too long.  It is about over and I have to get used to doing what I want, when I want, once again.

I got out of the house without any trouble... It was getting back in that tripped me up.  Tessie saw the bead bag and immediately wanted to know what I bought for her... (nothing) 

Don't tell her that.  She seems to think that I should get her something every time I go out... That's how she has always thought.

As usual, I had a particular project in mind, but not the right beads... So I bought four tubes.

Then April found these.  I bought beads to spell Amare's name.  The next time that they come over, we will string them, along with some other beads on an elastic cord.  Then Amare will have his very own name bracelet that he can say that he made for himself.

Of course, as soon as Tessie found them, she started yelling... "This doesn't even come close to spelling TESSIE! 

I am either going to have to buy her beads with her name on them or be much more careful about sneaking stuff into the house. 

I have orders to buy her beads the next time I go to the bead shop... She will never be able to wear a bracelet that big, but what Tessie wants, Tessie gets!

Just to irritate Tessie, I am going to go bead for an hour or so. Then I will go back to work on the antique shop.  That should quiet her down... Notice that I didn't say that it would.  I just said that is should... Back to the work at hand...

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. After reading about the alphabet beads yesterday on your blog, I found
some colored ones at the Dollar Tree. So now I am making name bracelets for my
American Girl dolls so I will not have to remember their names. The package came
with 325 beads for $1.00. At that rate, I could make bracelets for my grandchildren
too and not have to remember their names either! LOL!
But seriously,I think name keychain fobs would be great gift ideas. Or for cellphones, cameras,handbags,totebags,backpacks and lots of other things that people lose or get confused about.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, Why didn't you tell me!? I paid 16 cents a piece at the bead store and they are just plastic! I am going to have to make a trip to dollar tree! NOW!LOL