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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Taking a Vacation...

Not really... Just wishing. 

I was cleaning and found my first traveling work roll. And miracle of miracles, It still had EVERYTHING inside.

I am going to take a mini vacation today.  After I found the roll, I found my mini vacation workbox.

Oops! I forgot to clean it out after we got back.  I am not sure where I took it last.  Probably up to Scottsdale for a weekend.  That has been a while ago...

I was going through it to start cleaning it out and decided I should start from scratch.  It is a big mess!

I took out the finished and partially finished projects.  Five baskets... Four books.... Three hats...Two purses... And Tessie! 

Yes.  She wandered in at the smell of new possessions. She started grabbing things as soon as she saw what was there. 

The tray that she has in her hands is finished.  Also the hat with the green hatband and yellow roses is done.  Two of the purses and four books. 

That's all she gets until I get the box cleaned out and start working again.  Rather than help, she is searching for other unfinished items as I unload the box... I am going to try to hide the rolls of fabric before she sees them.  If she does, I am going to be making new aprons all afternoon. 

I have to get back to it now and grab the fabric!  Back to the grindstone. 

See you tomorrow.


Wee Cute Treasures said...

What a fun post! Tessie does not seem to miss a trick.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
How is it Tessie is always the first to arrive every single time!
Big hug